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Josh's Video Blog

Comments are live. Hopefully this will stop the influx of e-mails...lol. Don't be shy! Post some pics of your progress guys.

Hey Josh, just wanted to say thanks so much for your site. As promised here is my before and after picture. The shit works!! I am a new man and have my entire self confidence back. You rock

Whatsup, im on my 2nd month now and wanted to show you my results so far. I cant believe how fast the stretcher works.

Hey there-So here is my final result! Seriously crazy how much you gain almost immediately. Your live video really helped me make the decision. A lot of sites out there with fake stuff, your videos had me sold and im so glad I spent the $10 bucks to get the strecher shipped to me. I am going out to a club tonight and im going to try and fuck the hottest girl now that I know the damage i can do :)

Here is my results. It was so funny my girl was out of town visiting her family and I hadnt seen her in almost a month. We had sex for the first time and she thought I was using a dildo to fuck her, she cant belive it. To make it even funnier, she just sat up in bed and played with my cock for like 2 hours just like kid in a candy store. Im love this!

Josh, your the shit! Thats all I got to say. I have followed your videos for the last 9 months and watched you try everything out there. Im so glad this test worked and as one of your dedicated viewers, i ordered my free stretcher trial right after you reported the first month that it was working. So here are my results, I will keep stretching my cock another month and let you know.

So you gained 3 inches, well I gained 4! I am not going to stop taking this until im 12 inches, seriously

Kind of shy about posting a pic of my cock on the internet but at this point I dont care. Sure maybe before, but look at me now..

Its pretty fucking cool how this week alone the 2 girls I have been sleping with will not stop calling me for sex. You know you just have no idea what a girl really wants until your the one that actually has it for them. I am still getting used to girls calling me for sex all the time instead of the other way around. here is my pics

Im going to let my before and after pictures speak for them selfs, nothing more to say..

So I was probably the most skeptical guy out there, but I saw your videos and your a real guy like me. I took a chance, well not that big of a chance, just a few dollars, but still.I got the free stretcher and here I am three months later. WOW Thanks -JT

Thanks for making me a believer. I cant imagine how I went through life so long with such a small cock. The past is behind me, here is my pics showing my gains


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